Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake or Cakes

It may come as a surprise to most brides that, originally, the wedding cake was not eaten but thrown at the bride. The modern day wedding cake has become the first meal for the bride and groom. Today's couples cut a slice before anyone else and feed it to each other, symbolising the support they'll provide through their many years together. Although many couples still decide to keep the top layer and use as a christening cake for their first child therefore continuing the fertility tradition.

The confections themselves have become a showpiece instead of a symbol – depending on your overall theme of your wedding your cake may become the centre piece, a work of art.

From funky and loud to simple and sophisticated let your creativity carry you away…….. I just have to tell you all about the latest style a client has opted for, fuchsia pink combining the traditional large cake with modern wacky colouring oh la la.

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