Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Warm Winters

I have come to the conclusion that winter weddings are WONDERFUL! They are absolutely magical, so why are they so uncommon? Ask yourself why not get married in the winter season, especially the months of November and January/February. These are the months when most venues and suppliers will offer the greatest level of discount.

With dark nights and moody lighting this season can be fabulous, welcoming atmospheres can be created with the use of candle light, hurricane lanterns and fairy lights. Let your guests capture the essence of winter with rich canap├ęs featuring cranberries, sage and cinnamon. Ensure your guests do not feel the cold while photographs are being taken by serving reception drinks of mulled wine or richly blended coffee with a splash of baileys.

At this time of year it is party season with shops full of elegant evening gowns and party dresses. Let your guests join in dressing up for your special occasion, every girl loves to dress up!!! If you are planning on wearing a coloured bridal gown, request all the guests wear white as a theme, this will ensure you stand out in all the photographs and is a little different..

Dramatic colours of flame red, elegant golds and soft lighting warm up the chilly weather outside ensuring a warm and welcoming atmostphere to celebrate...

For more ideas on planning a winter wedding contact info@newp.co.uk or for an informal chat 0191 388 2387.

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