Monday, 14 February 2011

Words of advice, from the eye behind the lense.....

A pre wedding shoot is fantastic way to get acquainted with being in front of the camera. The  shoot is designed for you to get to know the photographer better and to see how the individual works with directing, setting up quirky shoots and their personality. The shoot should eliminate those early morning wedding day worries.... allowing you to relax and be more confident on your special day.
Is the shoot only for the bride and groom? - no, most photographers will offer a family session, including your children or in some cases family pet enables you to relax and forget about the camera - this however will depend on what your photographer offers in their pre-shoot package.

Words from North East Award Winning Photographer Jamie Penfold.

For me the pre wedding photoshoot is my way of really getting to know the couple ahead of their wedding. As I always say to them, it's an hour or so of having a bit of fun with the camera in a location of their choice. Nothing formal or stuffy about it, and really it's a perfect way of showing the couple that there is nothing to be frightened off in terms of the photography on their big day. I show them poses and generally talk them through the sort of things we'd do at the wedding. I like to generate a really good rapport with my couples as it makes it a lot easier working with them and I can think of nothing worse than being a complete stranger at a wedding. To be honest, with my pre wedding shoots we spend time just chatting. Just like any weddings, the pre-wedding shoots can vary too in style. For instance last weekend we did one urban shoot in Newcastle upon Tyne using the architecture and lines of the buildings and bridges and then did one at the seaside. Two very different looks..... and today as this blog is being wrote I will be standing in a cemetery with a bride and groom who wanted something very very different! 

Neil, the groom from the seaside photoshoot (NEWP client and featured in the images), summed it up perfectly for me after his shoot when he said "I'm glad we did that. I was really worried about getting my photo taken at the wedding but this has really given me the confidence. I'm really looking forward to it now". Need I say more?
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