Tuesday, 1 April 2014

From Qatar to The Bannister Estate in Cold Coniston & Hotel, Overseas wedding management ..

Wow its so long since I wrote a blog, NEWP has been incredibly busy over the past year with lots of beautiful weddings in the UK and overseas. I thought this morning I should start to write blogs again, not only to let everyone know where and what the team is up to but to show off some of our stunning brides too.

In August after many months of planning Christie and Andy, flew to the UK from Qatar to marry in the awesome setting of the Bannister Estate, Cold Coniston in Yorkshire. Mrs Bannister, opens the manor house  her home and estate to only a few brides per year in addition to the beautiful Coniston Hotel which is also based on the edge of the grounds.

So nearly a year prior to the wedding, the office received a telephone call from Christie who was struggling to manage her wedding plans from Qatar, with time zone issues, suppliers not replying and simply sourcing professional suppliers to assist her....... so the story starts. Christie and I got on straight away, Christie is originally from the north east of England but now teachers in the middle east. From the start we created a plan/schedule and identified suppliers and designs integral to the ideas both Christie and Andy had for the day. Lets just say, family, friends and FUN! they both wanted a very relaxed wedding day with attention to small details.

So here is part one .......

Hopefully the images show just how relaxed and stress free the day really was, Stan Seaton photography captured the day beautifully. I ve worked with both Stan and Jane many times now and they approach to photography suited this fun pair perfectly, in addition Christie's friend had secure Stan for her wedding so this just all fell into plan. 

The little church in Embsay was perfect for the very intimate wedding ceremony, A & C stayed in the village for three weeks prior to the wedding to ensure they could have this wee church. Sometimes its not the chair covers or the colour of the grooms shoes that is important, it really is the ceremony and all its meaning..

 Did I mention not only the bride and groom loved fun, but so did the guests. The NEWP has never seen such hilarious posing and general good humour at a wedding.

 Good food and wine (Yes Christie the WINE) so important! Christie and I worked on menus and wine and champagne options for months, no one starved that day. Coniston chefs designed and served stunning canapes, a fabulous reception dinner and well the evening dinning was exceptional..

Lastly I find it only fitting to mention the "HATS" wow guests really made an effort with hats that resembled flying saucers, creative design and the wild and wacky. The ladies could easily have popped over to ascot for the fashion walk. Beautiful ladies.
So until party two.... (Suppliers and Design)

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