Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Late Love....worth the wait

Falling in love is no different at fifteen than it is at seventy-five, just usually minus the acne. There are still the same old emotions whirring around inside us. One's heart still feels so large that it might burst, you forget to eat and find yourself gazing dreamily out of the window……

As we mature like a fine wine, do we start to look past the packaging, and more for that ultimate best friend who will ensure that “Coming home” feeling. No I am not talking about the old joke “pipe and slippers” but that amazing feeling when “The one” holds you in their arms, smiles at you across the room or simply has a cuppa waiting for you.

Over the years I have had the pleasure of seeing couples of various ages become husband and wife, but sometimes it is the slightly older generation that put the real romance and love into a their wedding day.

“We need help but we are oldies” was the start of an email I received earlier this year from a very special lady who had indeed found love again. From the moment I met the couple, Michael and Jean it was obvious they were "in love".

"Why not" was the start of a unique conversation, quickly followed by at "our age it's the small things that make us happy" This is not a couple starting life together, Audrey and James were celebrating 60 years together, 3 children and a brood of grandchildren. Audrey has a wicked sense of humour, when I asked her what she wanted on her day she said "Champagne and loads of it" at her original wedding there was no alcohol, simply due to marrying on a shoe string.

So is love in your later years any better or just different. Does it matter if it is second, third or fourth time around or should we say just another chance at happiness -

Love is beautiful at any age...

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