Sunday, 16 January 2011

My best friend on my wedding day.....

Many little girls dream of owning a pony one day, just the same as many star gaze about their dream wedding…..  But when your wedding day arrives how do you include your trusted four legged friend into your special day.

As a fellow horse rider my perfect scenario would have been to ride from home to the ceremony, something a little different to a horse and carriage. However my venue like most was indeed too far and then again my dress not suitable….with the negatives out of the way how indeed can you ride to your ceremony or reception. Well firstly many brides do manage to ride to the venue, but many factors have to be considered mainly the time of year and distance being the main factors. 

Below is a few hints and tips-
1.       Think carefully, even the most trusted animal can bolt
2.       Is the route to the ceremony a busy road. Do you ride on this stretch of road often – traffic noise, freaky signposts
3.       Will you ride side saddle, inform your bridal dress designer that you intend to ride on your wedding day, she/he maybe able to suggest options on how to adapt your dress.
4.       Wear white leggings and riding boots under your dress. Place a large new white rug under the saddle to ensure grease, hair etc is reduced to a minimum.

5.       Finally nominate someone who knows your horse to look after him when you dismount, ensure he is well looked after with water, shelter. It maybe  a good idea to place him in a trailer, practice with the nominated groom getting the horse in and out of the trailer.
6.       Let you photographer know that you intend to arrive on a horse and that you would like photographs of you arriving, in the grounds and saying goodbye.
7.       Enjoy your day.

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