Friday, 18 March 2011

"Should children attend a wedding".....

Following my participation on the BBC debate this Wednesday “Should children attend weddings”. I have received many facebook comments and emails with varying points of view. So if you are just sipping your coffee, browsing the Internet, thinking you'd look for some easy reading, then you've fallen on the controversial NEWP BLOG.  Where a fever-pitch debate is still raging in thousands of homes around the region: should children attend weddings? You might or might not be surprised to hear that many people believe children and weddings do not mix, however others believe no wedding is complete without the traditional flower girls walking down the aisle.

So is it a case of each to their own, or do you believe children are part of the family and should be included. Which part of the fence do you reside?

Weddings are a beautiful celebration of the start of a new family.  Children are a natural part of any family but should they automatically be included on a wedding invitation. During the BBC debate one father stated he “would not accept any invitation to a wedding if he could not take his children”, however is there more to consider than the bride and groom preferring to have an adult only occasion.  How many couples fear that very special moment when they exchange vows, a time for quiet and instead a small child starts bawling ruining the special ambience. Is it really selfish for a couple to want to avoid this scenario…

On the other side who doesn't smile when the flower girl and ring bearer walk down the aisle?  A small child happily swinging a floral posy enthralled at everyone focusing attention on them, well that’s until either the petals are dismantled or the posy is used as a misile… but no matter what, children provide fabulous photo opportunities that will be captured forever.

 So can a compromise be reached, magic words such as crèche, tea party and bouncy castle come to mind. After 20 years in the wedding and events industry Donna Redfearn has seen it all, parents who prefer to enjoy their day and allow their darling to cause havoc by running around tables screaming to in stark contrast parents who come prepared with colouring books, pens, games and snacks just in-case the menu is not quite to the child’s taste. 
Looking back at the many weddings NEWP has planned over the years, some of our bride and grooms already have their own small children. Donna and the NEWP team have worked with the couples to ensure all the children attending the day are catered for in their own right. From the funky children’s fruit cocktails for welcome drinks, fully CRB checked crèche facility to provide full or partial care to mini guests. A children fancy dress tea party with healthy options included as well as the must have jelly and ice-cream for dessert. To keep the childrens attention the NEWP have designed themed children’s areas with fairies and knights, disney and even a bird of prey night flight display with an hour of handling specific to small children.

So “Should children attend weddings” is this more about personal preference than a right or wrong answer…. North East Wedding Planners would love to hear your thoughts on the subject….

When it all gets a little too much...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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