Tuesday, 20 December 2011

A winters tale

When you think of getting married which month automatically comes to mind..... the traditional easter wedding in April, Summer wedding in August or the no so conventional  winter wedding in November or December.

Wedding season is now 12 months of the year with themes, that range from retro to romance and futuristic to funky what will you choose.... As Christmas is nearly upon us -  we here at NEWP thought we would highlight winter weddings - why? well many of our clients have opted for snowy scenes rather than parying for a heatwave that never comes..

So what do you need for a truly fabulous winter wedding, well it's is totally up to you... just because it's Christmas does not mean you need to delve around in the loft looking for baubles or tinsel. NEWP has worked with many brides to create a elegant and magical theme reflecting the seasonal magic using soft candle light and natural greenery... to keep warm our bridal designers created stunning cloaks and fur trim... not forgetting the brides maids who also feel the cold ..



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