Monday, 31 October 2011

My wedding by Amanda Wilson

Planning a wedding can be difficult…. It may seem exciting, easy and straightforward following your engagement, but there are elements throughout the planning process that will surprise you, no matter how prepared you may be. But remember to not lose sight of why you are planning a wedding. Amidst the stresses and emotional turbulence of the planning process, know that the two of you are on the same team, working toward the same goal. Also, if you have a vision for your day, be firm with what it is that you want. It’s easy to let other people, especially loved ones, influence your decision-making by offering their opinions and ideas. Grateful as you may be for such wonderful advice, and even though you know that those offerings come from hearts filled with love, at the end of the day, it is your wedding day and what you’ve dream't of.

Our clients take the decision to bring us on board to ease the stress and to enable a fun planning experience. The newly married Amanda Wilson captures her wedding journey perfectly in her testimonial regarding North East Wedding Planner’s services so I have decided to let Amanda take the lead on this one….

 Donna, Thank you so much for playing a massive part in my wedding day. I couldn't have done it without you. I came to you having organised only a few things for my wedding. I read a magazine article about your business and thought, well if this bride has a small budget and can afford a wedding planner, then I must be able to too! Gone are the days of 'celebrity only' wedding planners. So I called you and we met in a lovely, relaxed atmosphere to have an initial consultation and discussed my ideas (and your suggestions of course). From that moment on, I just knew I couldn't have a more memorable day without you being part of the planning.

 You put me in touch with suppliers who gave massive discounts on such things as stationary, groomswear, bridesmaid dresses, florists and, who could forget, the band, Hip Operation! Nicky, I think, will be your best friend for life! I would have never have thought to have my bridesmaids in 3 different colours, but it worked brilliantly, and that was all down to you.

You corresponded with me constantly and were willing to meet me at suppliers' locations and for more general appointments, anywhere that suited me. In the run up to the wedding, you kept in touch by phone and text, just to make sure I was alright and to ask if I needed any help. This meant a lot as I'm sure you'll remember my few 'wobbler' moments! The morning of the wedding couldn't have gone more smoothly. You and your assistant were an absolute godsend keeping everybody calm and organising where everybody needed to be. I know you did a lot for my Mum on that day and I really appreciate that too.

So all in all, I could not recommend you highly enough.

Thank you again

More images to follw of Amanda and Nicky's wedding in our Loved up page very soon.

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